What To Do When We Run Out of Pressure in our Tap?

February 5th, 2022

If you are a homeowner or even a tenant, you have probably experienced water pressure problems in your taps. As a tenant, you can simply inform your landlord, but if you are a homeowner, it’s very helpful to know what to do when this type of situation arises. While it is sometimes possible to fix the problem yourself, a lack of pressure can also be a sign of a more serious problem and therefore require the intervention of a professional. The following article will provide you with information on how to deal with low pressure in your faucets.

What are the causes?

As soon as you notice a lower pressure in your faucets, it is important to investigate further to find the source of the problem. First, check the pressure of all the faucets in the house (kitchen, bathroom, outside faucets) to find out if the problem is localized or generalized.

Hot Water

If the problem is only with the hot water faucet, chances are the problem is with the water heater. If this is the case, check it for signs of corrosion. The water heater won’t last forever and it may be time to change it. Changing the water heater yourself is a risky business. It is better to call a professional to avoid damage. The professional will be well equipped to determine if the water heater can be repaired by replacing the element or changing it altogether.


Limescale deposits can also have an impact on the water flow. If the faucet or filter is scaled, this may be the cause of the problem. If you suspect a scaling problem, unscrew the anti-limescale filter located at the faucet nozzle and see if there is any deposit that would prevent the flow. You can then immerse it in a white vinegar solution or simply change it. You can also open the faucet before replacing the filter. If the pressure is still low, the problem is elsewhere.

A generalized problem

If the lack of pressure is coming from several places in the house, it may be a generalized problem. Check for leaks around the toilet or elsewhere. If the problem is with the hot water only, check to see if the shut-off valve on your water heater is partially closed.

If you can’t find the problem despite your best efforts, don’t be too hard on yourself. Simply contact a good plumber who can find the problem quickly and fix it in no time. They can also give you tips on how to prevent it from happening again. Professionals see this type of problem every week, it’s their job, they will undoubtedly know how to bring the pressure back to your home and at the same time your smile.

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