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Temporary shutdown

By using ProPress Stainless products, we are able to joint copper, steel or stainless without the use of thermal work. These odorless products do not generate any smoke or flame.

Garanteed rapid execution!

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Unclogging and high water pressure

We have all the equipment needed for any unclogging situation.

Preventive or emergency.

Our different models of high pressure sewer cleaning trucks are adapted to suit your needs, depending on the location and the size of the discharge pipe.

A high water pressure cleaner provides a 3 000 psi water pressure. Very useful for heavy clogs!

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Camera inspection and localization

In order to locate any anomaly before buying a house, beginning a landscaping project or after multiple unclogging, a camera inspection will allow you to properly evaluate the condition of your sewer.

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Odour problem

Our smoke test equipment allows us to:

  • Locate the origin of the leak
  • Test the drain’s sealing
  • Identify the source of the sanitary odor
  • Detect a vermin problem

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Device replacement

Our mobile units have in stock a great selection of parts required for the connection of your devices.

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Thawing unit

We are equipped with two different thawing units, which are:

  • Hot water pressure: Main clean water pipe thawing, underground exterior. For all sectors.
  • Electrical approved: Frozen water pipe thawing for home interior.
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Conduit freezing unit

Lets you freeze a conduit under pressure when:

  • No valves are functional
  • Avoiding having to empty a large piping network (water tower)
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We offer a 24/7 emergency system

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