Camera inspection: when is it necessary?

November 10th, 2021

Camera inspection has become a popular plumbing tool, among other things, viewing problems that were previously impossible to detect unless the walls or floors were broken. But is it still necessary? When should you call for this type of inspection? The following article will give you information on plumbing problems that require the use of a camera.

When to use camera inspection

If you’re having trouble to determine the exact cause or location of your plumbing problem, this is a clue that you may need to resort to camera inspection. The same is true if you are planning to add new facilities or if you are doing renovations. A camera inspection will be helpful in getting you up to speed on your current installations to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road. This type of camera is completely waterproof, it is specifically designed to facilitate visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes no matter where they are located (underground, in concrete or in foundations).

What to expect?

A camera inspection is done by professionals trained and qualified for this kind of work. The latter will insert a flexible rod equipped with a high-resolution video camera into the duct to be inspected. This kind of inspection is done in pipes as small as 2 inches in diameter. As the rod is flexible, it easily threads into the various corners to allow an overview of all your ducts. The video transmits the image live to the technician who can then determine what the problem is or if there are potential problems to be expected in the event of future renovations or additions to your existing system. Images can also be saved for future use such as selling or buying real estate. It is definitely an added value in this kind of transaction.

Camera inspection, why?

The main advantage of camera inspection is that it is a non-destructive method. You don’t have to break walls and floors to find a problem. You will get all the answers to your questions with a simple camera that sneaks smoothly through your pipes. This inspection will also help guide your potential contractor, in the case of renovations or in the orientation of the various works. This type of inspection also allows you to see every inch of your ducts, which was not possible before. It is therefore a very interesting preventive tool to avoid problems in the future and the very steep bill that could come with it.

If you have plumbing problems, are planning to buy or sell a house, or are thinking of undertaking work, do not hesitate to call the professionals who will answer all your questions and reassure you about the steps of a camera inspection. When it comes to plumbing, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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