I used a product to unclog the pipes in my bath, is it dangerous for the family?

October 5th, 2023

Clogged sinks are common problems at home. To remedy this, many of us use drain unclogging products as they seem to be a quick and effective solution. However, despite their efficiency, these chemicals raise significant concerns, especially for the most vulnerable members of the family: our children. So, are home drain unclogging products dangerous for the family?

Child Health Concerns

Drain unclogging products contain strong and corrosive chemical compounds. If these products are used in a bathtub or sink, it’s crucial to wait long enough before using them again, especially for young children.

Imagine that after using a chemical unclogger, a mother or father decides to bathe their baby just a few hours after the application. Even if the bathtub is rinsed, chemical residues can remain, and the baby’s delicate skin can easily be irritated by these residues. Moreover, the constant fumes from these products can affect the baby’s respiratory system. So, the question arises: how long should one wait before bathing? Ideally, it’s recommended to wait at least 24 hours after using the product before using the bathtub or sink to bathe a child again. During this period, it’s also advisable to ventilate the bathroom well and rinse thoroughly several times to remove any potential chemical residue.

Other Precautions to Take

Safely storing the products is a very good idea, especially when you have children at home. The colorful packaging of some products can indeed make them particularly attractive to toddlers, greatly increasing the risk of accidental ingestion. Moreover, when using these products, it’s important to minimize the inhalation of their fumes. Therefore, always work in a well-ventilated area to avoid any risk to your respiratory health. In addition to these precautions, to prevent direct skin contact, it’s recommended to wear gloves when applying or handling these products.

While drain unclogging products are indeed effective, their use requires particular caution and vigilance, especially if you have young children at home! By following the usage precautions and waiting the recommended time after their use, you can protect your family from these risks. But above all, it’s advised to minimize your use of these products and instead entrust the task of unclogging your pipes to a professional plumbing team. Contact Plomberie Richard et fils now to benefit from our plumbing services.

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