Common reasons for lack of water pressure in the home

September 6th, 2023

Water is an essential resource in our homes. Whether we’re taking a shower, washing dishes, or simply drinking, we expect a constant and reliable water flow. Sometimes, however, water pressure can drops, making daily tasks frustrating or even impossible. But what are the common reasons for this problem? In this article, we look at the most common causes of a lack of water pressure in the home.

Clogged pipes

Over time, pipes can become clogged and corroded. Limescale, rust and other sediments gradually build up inside pipes, reducing their opening and, consequently, water pressure. In extreme cases, pipes can even become completely blocked, requiring complete replacement.

Sediment build-up in appliances

Over time, sediment can build up in the water heater, reducing hot water pressure. Similarly, minerals or debris can build up in showerheads or faucets, impeding flow.

Partially open valves

This may be a main valve near the water meter, or a shut-off valve near your water heater. If one of these valves is not fully open, it can affect water pressure throughout the house or in certain rooms.

Issues with the pressure regulator

Many homes are equipped with a pressure regulator to ensure a stable water flow. If this regulator is faulty or incorrectly adjusted, the result is low water pressure.

Breaks or leaks in the water main

Even a small leak in your water main can cause a significant loss of pressure. These leaks can be caused by tree roots penetrating the pipes, ground movement or natural wear and tear.

Simultaneous use of multiple water outlets

If several taps are turned on at the same time, or if several appliances use water simultaneously (such as a washing machine and a shower), this can reduce the water pressure available in each area.

Issues with the water supplier

Sometimes the problem isn’t with your home, but with the water supplier itself. Construction work, pipe breaks or other problems in the distribution network can cause a drop in pressure.

Elevation of the terrain

Homes located on hills or elevated grounds may frequently face water pressure issues. Gravity significantly affects water distribution, and it may be necessary to use indoor or outdoor pumps to increase pressure.

Low water pressure in a home can have a multitude of causes, ranging from simple problems to more complex ones. If you’re experiencing persistent water pressure problems, it’s recommended to contact Plomberie Richard et fils for a proper diagnosis and resolution of the issue!

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