Why Should You Inspect your Pipes with a Specialized Camera?

July 9th, 2020

Homeowners generally don’t want to see or think about the pipes and plumbing running behind the walls and under their homes. But when something goes wrong like a leak, back-up or loss of water pressure and it’s time to find the source of the problem, there are times when it’s essential to use a specialized plumbing camera to explore and inform the plumber exactly where the problem is and what’s required to make sure the pipes and plumbing are clear from blockages, leaks and other common household plumbing problems.

Prior to the existence of specialized cameras for inspecting plumbing pipes, plumbers had to make their best educated guess about the location of a plumbing or sewer problem in pipes encrusted in concrete or plumbing securely built behind walls. Unnecessary excavation work or damage to walls and ceilings often resulted from this guesswork and plumbing bills were high due to the fact that the work took longer to complete (just finding the problem could take days).

Enter today’s waterproof, flexible and high definition cameras and the guesswork is eliminated. Plumbers trained in the use of these plumbing cameras are able to pinpoint the exact location of sewer blockages and leaks, and explore even further to identify other problem areas which may have caused or exacerbated the problem. And very importantly, this identification process can be completed very rapidly, sometimes immediately, as the images from the camera are transmitted live to the technician’s monitor.

The use of a camera is the only way that a plumber can get an inside look at the pipes which connect your sewer system to your municipal sewer lines running beneath your house and across your property. If you suspect that this is where your plumbing problem lies, it is important to communicate this with your plumber and inquire whether or not their services include a technician with experience and expertise in the use of a sewer camera.

Other than the detection of sewer problems, camera inspections are also commonly used in home inspections and any other project when it is important to map out the exact location of the concealed and underground pipes on your property. Knowing the precise location of your sewer lines allows homeowners and contractors or designers to properly and safely plan any renovations, landscaping projects, or other projects which could interfere with the plumbing and sewer lines of your home. In all of these cases, a sewer camera provides an accurate picture of the condition and location of the essential plumbing and sewage lines with no guesswork or reliance on outdated house or property plans.

If you need to have your house plumbing and sewage inspected because you are buying or selling a house in Gatineau, Ottawa or the Outaouais area, or if you are experiencing a leak, suspect a blockage or another problem with your sewer line, don’t hesitate to contact the camera inspection specialists at Plomberie Richard et Fils. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you figure out if a camera inspection of your pipes is required.

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