What should we do with our plumbing when we are away for a long time?

December 29th, 2022

Vacations are always an exciting and anticipated time but leaving your home for an extended period can be stressful. One of the questions we ask ourselves is what to do with our plumbing when we are away. When you go away for an extended period, it is important to take care of your plumbing to avoid leaks, damage, and unnecessary costs. Here are some steps you can take to protect your plumbing while away for an extended period of time and still leave with peace of mind.

Turning off the water

This is a classic tip, but very timely and useful when you’re away for a long time. In fact, turning off the water supply is the first thing you should do before leaving. Before you leave, turn off the main water supply by turning on the shut-off valve, usually located in the basement or in a kitchen closet. This will prevent any water leakage while you are away.
Drain the pipes and turn off the electricity to water-connected appliances

Another step to take just before turning off the water supply is to turn on the faucets in the sinks, toilets, and shower to drain the water remaining in the pipes. This will prevent water from stagnating and causing leaks or damage. Also, turn off the electricity to water-related appliances, such as a dishwasher or washing machine. Turning off the power to these appliances could prevent a fire hazard. It’s a small action that can save you a lot of damage.

Don’t forget the shut-off valves

Also remember to close the shut-off valves. Shut-off valves are faucets located near fixtures, such as toilets, sinks and showers. Closing these valves will help prevent leaks if a problem occurs while you are away. It’s another small, easy precaution to take to avoid water damage that is completely preventable.

Visit from a neighbor, relative or friend

If you have the opportunity, you can ask a neighbor to come to your home. It is much less likely that damage will occur if someone regularly visits your home to check that everything is working properly and that there are no leaks or problems.

If you’re going away for a very long time, don’t hesitate to call in a professional plumber to inspect your pipes and advise you on what to do to protect your home. The plumber will also be able to respond quickly to any problems that arise while you are away. By taking these steps, you can leave with the peace of mind of knowing that your plumbing is protected from leaks and damage. This will save you unnecessary costs and hassle if something goes wrong while you are away.

Don’t forget to have your pipes serviced regularly, so you can feel confident about their condition and reduce the possibility of problems occurring.


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