Bad smell in the house, how to know where the problem comes from?

Bad smell in the house, how to know where the problem comes from?

September 1st, 2022

It sometimes happens that bad odours creep into the house and the cause seems difficult to identify. Often it can be a plumbing problem. Indeed, the plumbing system includes the water supply system and the waste water disposal system. Sometimes a malfunction causes certain foul odours to escape from the plumbing system and cause you inconvenience. The following article will give you information on the possible causes of bad odours in your home.

Check valve

All plumbing fixtures; sinks, washbasins, dishwashers, baths, showers, washing machines, toilets, etc. are connected to the house drainage system. The portion that is visible and located under the sink is called the siphon. Its function is to catch and keep some of the drain water to clog the pipe and prevent bad odours from entering your room. All devices are connected to a siphon which is in turn connected to the drainage network. For the system to work properly, it must be connected to a network of vents. One of the problems that can be at the root of odours is therefore ventilation. The non-return valve is a good solution to prevent odours from escaping. It only allows air to pass in one direction. In this context, it will prevent odours from passing through the pipes and infiltrating your home.

Residues in the siphon

Another frequent problem is the accumulation of residues in the siphons which must then be emptied. Indeed, bad odour problems can come from pressure problems or organic matter piled up in the pipes. If the siphon is clogged, it is then necessary to bring gloves and an empty container to place it under the siphon by cutting off the water at the problematic place. After unscrewing the siphon and collecting the water in the container, the waste must then be removed by hand. Once the cleaning is complete, simply screw the siphon back on, turn the water back on and run the tap for a few minutes to make sure there are no leaks. You could also pour a tablespoon of baking soda into the siphon with a spoonful of salt and a glass of white vinegar. The chemical reaction that will occur can help dislodge the accumulated residue, so let it act for about 30 minutes before running the water normally. This means can also be used as a preventive measure to prevent clogging of the ducts.

Bad odours from plumbing are an annoying problem and not everyone wants to venture to find the problem. Do not hesitate to contact a professional who will be able to quickly identify the problem and solve it. He can also give you some tips to prevent the situation from happening again.


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